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Having the right tool for the job is a cliche, but that statement rings true when discussing precision screwdrivers. Many household jobs, electronics, and jewelry repairs simply can’t be completed without a specialty precision screwdriver. Use the wrong tool for the job, and you’ll frustratingly strip screw heads with too big of a bit or when applying too much torque. That’s where this guide is handy. Our guide to the best precision screwdriver sets provides a shortlist of picks and essential buying tips to simplify your buying decision, ensuring you have the right tool for the smallest tasks.

Best Precision Screwdriver In House Testing
Testing the precision screwdriver picks in-house. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Best precision screwdriver sets

Top multi-screwdriver pick
Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Great build quality
  • Great ergonomics
  • Includes a carrying pouch
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Includes only the most common heads, which may not suit everyone
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 12
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, torx, hex

The Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set packs some of the best build quality and ergonomics. The build quality was evident when first opening the carrying case and driving a few screws.

The rotating handle is smooth and sits nicely in the palm of your hand. The end-cap swivel is also well built with a smooth rotating mechanism and no overly loose parts, which is something we can’t say for all picks on our list.

If you’re familiar with Wera’s Kraftform lineage, you won’t be surprised that these mini screwdrivers are simple to hold and torque in different orientations and for different hand sizes. Part of this comes from the oval-like sections surrounding the grip, including a rubberized material for added grip. The grip’s curvatures also form nicely to your hand and fingers.

What’s also different about the Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set is that 12 different screwdrivers are included, versus all-in-ones with a single tool with swappable shafts and bits. While you will need to carry more tools to complete various tasks, the upside is that these precision screwdrivers are less bulky and have fewer moving parts.

Of course, such a high-quality precision screwdriver set isn’t cheap. But this precision screwdriver set is competitively priced for its quality and is relatively inexpensive for a Wera product.

Top all-in-one pick
Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver
  • Onboard bit storage
  • Includes lots of bits
  • Compact, portable design
  • Rotational ergonomics can be beaten
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 24
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, square, torx, pentalobe, and various other

The Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver is a popular pick on many tool review sites. We immediately understood why when opening the box.

This precision screwdriver includes a good number of bits. We love that it includes onboard bit storage, perfect for portability, organization, and needing only one screwdriver type for many jobs. The rotating end cap easily extends out to reveal slots that store 12 double-sided bits for 24 total bit options.

The end cap is also confidently held closed with a magnet, and the design is compact enough to fit in your pocket. We’ve not encountered a precision screwdriver that includes all these features with acceptable build quality.

But you won’t get everything with the Megepro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver. Some other models include swappable shafts that can extend or are flexible. The Megapro model doesn’t include either feature.

Also, we wish the end cap was designed differently. We found it hard to seat the end cap into our palms and twist the screwdriver handle with our fingers smoothly for one-handed use. The end cap tended to rotate with the screwdriver instead of staying in my palm. You can fix this by seating the end cap into the outsides of your palm. Adding a rubberized material or a differently-shaped end cap that isn’t as smooth could also fix this problem and make it easier to use one-handed.

This issue may not be make-or-break for some people, particularly ones who want a highly capable all-in-one without breaking the bank.

Electronic repair kit pick
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
  • Includes lots of bits and tools
  • Includes a nice carrying case and pouch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flexible shaft add-on included
  • No onboard bit storage
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 64
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, pentalobe, hex, tri-point, and various others

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the best electronics repair kit we came across. This electronics repair toolkit packs in a whopping array of bits and tools, great for PC, smartphone, and jewelry repairs, among other DIY tasks around the house.

Let’s focus on the build quality of the precision screwdriver first since it made such a solid first impression when opening the box. Many precision screwdrivers are plastic, but the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit includes a precision screwdriver with an anodized aluminum housing with knurled grip.

This model feels on par with the Wera pick on this list regarding build quality, and iFixit stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty.

Beyond quality, you’ll get lots of versatility. Not only does the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit include standard and less-common bits, but it also includes several electronics-specific tools. You’ll get a combination of spudges, picks, prybars, and tweezer tools, essential for electronics repairs. There are tri-point and pentalobe bits for Apple and other smartphone repairs.

While this electronics set includes a nice carrying pouch and compact case with magnets, you won’t get the convenience of onboard bit storage. The lack of onboard storage is to be expected with electronics repair kits, but it may be a downside if you want all-in-one convenience.

Alternate electronic repair kit pick
Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Includes lots of bits and tools
  • Includes a carrying case and pouch with dedicated storage slots
  • Extendable and flexible swappable shafts
  • Magnetic electronics mat included
  • No onboard bit storage
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 120
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, pozidriv, torx, torx security, pentalobe, hex, tri-point, and various others

Consider buying the Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set if you want one of the best precision screwdriver sets for electronics but at a lower price than the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

The Sharden model can’t match the iFixit’s build quality, though it is still a pleasure to use. You also won’t get a separate bit carrying case with the Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set – the tools and bits store in a carrying pouch.

But this is all to be expected at one-third the price, and there are a few features this set offers that other picks on our list don’t. We appreciate that the Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set has a handy magnetic mat that holds loose screws, significantly reducing the risk of losing tiny screws. You’ll also get extendable and flexible shaft options.

When testing this precision screwdriver set, we were pleasantly surprised with the design and ease of one-handed use. The screwdriver feels solid in hand, has grippy materials in the right places, and the rotating end cap seats well in your palm.

It also has the bits and tools needed for repairs that use specialty screws, such as Apple products – pentalobe screws, for example – and other electronics.

Electric precision screwdriver pick
Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Magnetic case stores bits easily
  • Multi-speed and lockout modes
  • Great portability
  • Shaft isn’t flexible or extendable, like some other precision screwdrivers
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 24
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, pentalobe, hex, tri-point, and various others

The Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver is the best electric precision screwdriver we tested. What stood out most to us is the thoughtful design and build quality. The precision screwdriver is made of metal and has a good weight in hand without being too heavy.

Holding the screwdriver like a pen is easy with the slotted ridges below the Left/Right button. The end cap also rotates between three positions for two different speeds and one setting that locks the shaft to drive screws manually.

We’re suckers for a good carrying case, which is another reason the Xiaomi Precision Screwdriver stands out. The 24 bits are magnetically held in dedicated slots next to the screwdriver. You can shake the carrying case vigorously, and the bits don’t fall out. The dedicated bit labels are also easy to read.

The metal carrying case stores well in the included metal housing with a spring that resembles the feeling of using a smooth push-to-open drawer. The design and build quality of the carrying case and housing go a long way to make up for the lack of onboard bit storage.

Budget pick
Oria Precision Screwdriver Kit
  • Good for electronics and DIY use
  • Lots of bits
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Includes a flexible and extendable shafts
  • No onboard bit storage
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 56
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, torx, pentalobe, hex, tri-point, and various others

The market is packed with budget precision screwdriver sets. But the Oria Precision Screwdriver Kit makes a name for itself with its versatility and build quality for the price.

Importantly, you’ll get 56 bits, including the most common sizes and types, and various smartphone and electronics bits. The extendable shaft can also be swapped out for a flexible shaft if you need to drive screws in tight corners.

One feature that stands out is the rubberized bit holders, which are pliable, easy to grip and hold the bits well. Other precision screwdriver sets with similar rubberized bit holders can feel cheap or don’t hold the bits securely.

The build quality isn’t anything to write home about, but the handle is very grippy, and few people will care much about the overall “feel”, especially knowing it’s a versatile set at such a low price. This set doesn’t include specialty electronics tools, such as spudges, tweezers, or prybars.

Alternate budget pick
iFixit Moray Driver Kit
  • Includes lots of bits
  • Comes in a compact, magnetic carrying case
  • Onboard SIM card eject tool
  • No extendable or flexible shaft
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 32
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted, pozidriv, torx, torx security, pentalobe, hex, tri-point, and various others

The slightly bigger-than-wallet-sized iFixit Moray Kit is an exceptional choice if you want one of the best budget precision screwdrivers. The plastic carrying case is held shut by four magnets and can easily slip into your pocket or shop apron, which is great for portability.

While iFixit is known for its electronics repair kits, the iFixit Moray Kit is better suited as a general precision screwdriver to use around the home. It doesn’t include electronics repair essentials, such as spudges, picks, prybars, and tweezers, though you do get electronics-focused pentalobe, torx security, and tri-point bits. There’s also a sim eject tool in the removable end cap.

As a general precision screwdriver used around the house, one downside is that there is no onboard bit storage or extendable or flexible shaft. We recommend looking at all-in-ones on this list if wanting more shaft features. If that’s not you and you want a quality, compact precision screwdriver set, then the iFixit Moray Kit is worth adding to your shortlist.

Pocket-size pick
Maxcraft 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver
  • Great metal knurled grip
  • EDC-like compact design
  • Onboard bit storage
  • No extendable or flexible shaft
  • Includes only the most common bits, which may not suit everyone
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 7
  • Types of bits: Phillips, slotted

The Maxcraft 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver is an exceptional EDC precision screwdriver. We appreciate how well-built this precision screwdriver is with its metal design and well-placed knurling. It also has onboard bit storage, rare for many competing, pocketable precision screwdrivers.

Of course, you won’t get many more bells and whistles with such a small precision screwdriver. There are no extendable or flexible shaft options; you only get seven slotted and Phillips bits. We’d prefer that more bit types were offered rather than different sizes of the same bits.

How to pick the correct precision screwdriver

The category of precision screwdrivers spans DIY and electronics jobs. So buying the best screwdriver for your specific needs is important. Below, we cover the essentials so you can make the right buying decision the first time.

All-in-one or set

Precision screwdrivers come in three different forms. All-in-ones are the most portable and convenient since they include several swappable bits stored within the tool. There’s less risk of losing bits, and you’ll need to carry only one tool for different jobs.

Precision Screwdriver Kit vs. All In One
All-in-ones like the Megapro Precision Screwdriver are super convenient though you don’t get as many bit options as most precision screwdriver sets like the iFixit Moray or Oria Precision Screwdriver Set. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Precision screwdriver sets will either have a single screwdriver with swappable bits and shafts or individual screwdrivers with fixed heads. Precision screwdrivers with swappable bits and shafts can complete many different tasks with only a single tool, but they do have more moving parts and are bulkier than individual precision screwdrivers with fixed heads.

Bits included

Most precision screwdrivers come with various bits and head types. Bit versatility is essential for electronics repairs that use many kinds of screws different from the most common types.

Shaft type

Some precision screwdrivers have swappable shafts that can be extended or flexible, which is great for versatility. Extendable shafts are great for reaching deep corners, and flexible shafts can turn screws in awkward positions or tight areas.

Electronics repairs

Precision screwdriver sets used for electronics repairs will come with several valuable tools other than the screwdriver itself. Typical tools in an electronics repair kit include picks, spudgers, tweezers, magnetic mats for storing loose screws, and various prying tools.

Electronics Repair Tools Sharden Precision Screwdriver
The Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set is one example of a kit that includes various electronics-specific tools. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Some brands, such as Apple, use less standard screws, like the pentalobe. Some electronics also use tamper-proof screw heads, like the torx security screw, which require specialty bits.

Eyeglass and jewelry repairs

Watches and eyeglasses typically use miniature screws that need the tiniest bits and screwdriver heads. Phillips and slotted screws are commonly used in such repairs. The Phillips 000 and the slotted 1 bits are standard sizes used in eyeglasses and jewelry.

Electric vs. manual drive

Electric screwdrivers help reduce hand fatigue but lack precision for fine-tuning, which can result in stripping screw heads. The more common manual-drive precision screwdrivers can apply more or less torque based on the job at hand and are easier to control.

What precision bits do you need?

Below is a brief guide to the common types of screws you’ll encounter with specific repairs. This way, you can buy the right precision screwdriver set for your needed tasks.

DIY jobs around the home: Phillips, slotted, square, and torx screws are the most common you’ll encounter for DIY projects in your home.

Toys: Many toys include small screws that can only be opened with a precision screwdriver. A Phillips and a slotted screwdriver should help you tackle most toy repairs.

Eyeglasses and jewelry: Most eyeglasses use Phillips or slotted screws, as is the case with wristwatches and jewelry.

PC and laptop repairs: Phillips, slotted, torx, and hex screws are commonly found in desktop PCs and laptops. The most basic maintenance can be completed with only a Phillips screwdriver. But more in-depth, warranty-voiding repairs use other screw types, including tamper-proof screws.

iPhone and smartphone repairs: Phillips screws are commonly found in various smartphone models. Apple iPhones use a mix of screw types, including the P2 pentalobe design, a five-point, tamper-proof screw.

Playstation and Xbox repairs: Besides standard Phillips screws, gaming consoles have various torx and torx security screws.

Mac computers and laptops: Apple desktop computers and laptops can be repaired using standard Phillips and slotted screwdrivers. Different Apple computers also use the pentalobe design.

Test results and comparison

Design and portability

Precision ScrewdriverMaterialShaftTool Storage
Wera KraftformPlastic, metal, rubberized gripFixedPouch
Megapro 25-In-1Plastic, metal, rubberized gripFixedNone
iFixit ProPlastic, metal, rubberized gripExtendable, FlexiblePouch and carrying case
Sharden SetPlastic, metalExtendable, FlexiblePouch
Xiaomi ElectricAluminumFixedMagnetic carrying case and housing
Oria KitPlastic, metal, rubberized gripExtendable, FlexiblePlastic carrying case
iFixit MorayPlastic, metal, rubberized gripFixedMagnetic carrying case
Maxcraft 7-In-1 PocketAluminumFixedNone

Regarding materials, the Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, and the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver all have a wow factor when opening the box and using the screwdriver for the first time. But this feeling is for different reasons.

The Wera model’s handle uses a combination of durable plastic and rubberized materials to improve the gripping power for a highly-ergonomic precision screwdriver.

With its all-metal design, the iFixit Pro’s precision screwdriver has a solid feel and weight. The Xiaomi is similarly well-built with an all-aluminum housing.

Xiaomi Precision Screwdriver
The Xiaomi Precision Electric Screwdriver has an all-metal design. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Our other best precision screwdriver picks have solid designs, but the build quality doesn’t match the three above models.

Except for the Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver and the Maxcraft 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver, all our picks include a carrying case with dedicated bit storage. There is no need to have a carrying case for the Megapro and Maxcraft models since the bits are stored onboard.


Precision Screwdriver# of Bits/HeadsTypesBit Compatibility
Wera Kraftform12Phillips, slotted, torx, hexDIY tasks, PC, jewelry, eyeglasses
Megapro 25-In-124Phillips, slotted, torx, hex, pentalobe, spanner, triangleDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses
iFixit Pro64Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, hex, pentalobe, JIS, tri-point, nut driver, square, gamebit, pozidriv, spanner, triangle, SIM eject, iPhone standoff, oval driveDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses, gaming consoles
Sharden Set120Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, hex, pentalobe, tri-point, nut driver, square, gamebit, pozidriv, spanner, triangle, SIM eject, iPhone standoffDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses, gaming consoles
Xiaomi Electric24Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, hex, triangle, tri-pointDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses, gaming consoles
Oria Kit56Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, hex, JIS, tri-point, nut driver, square, spanner, triangle, nut driverDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses, gaming consoles
iFixit Moray32Phillips, slotted, torx, torx security, hex, pentalobe, tri-point, nut driver, square, triangle, SIM eject, iPhone standoff, oval driveDIY tasks, PC, iPhone, Mac, jewelry, eyeglasses, gaming consoles
Maxcraft 7-In-1 Pocket7Phillips, slottedDIY tasks, PC, jewelry, eyeglasses

The Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set is the kitchen sink of precision screwdriver sets with 120 total bits. This is the precision screwdriver set to buy if you don’t want to ever worry about having the right tool for your precision tasks.

We couldn’t find any standard or specialty bits this set doesn’t include. You’ll also get flexible and extendable shaft options, plus a wide array of electronics repair tools.

Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set Layout
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bit or electronics tool the Shared Precision Screwdriver Set doesn’t include. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

The iFixit Moray and the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit are solid options if you want a more portable set with just as many bit types. The Moray model has many of the same bit types as the Sharden model, with fewer sizes, and can fit into your pocket.

The Pro model matches the kinds of bits the Sharden model includes but also has fewer sizes of each and adds some less common bit types.

iFixit Moray Precision Screwdriver Set Layout
The iFixit Moray has a wide variety of bits and easily fits into your pocket. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

The Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver is a go-to pick for the best portability and bit versatility combination in an all-in-one. It’s the only pick on our list that stores many bit types and sizes onboard in the extendable handle storage slots.

Megapro Precision Screwdriver Bit Storage Close Up
It’s hard to beat the portability and convenience with the Megapro’s onboard bit storage. Credit: Nathan Hamilton


Precision ScrewdriverOne-Handed UseGrippability
Wera KraftformBestBest
Megapro 25-In-1Room for improvementRoom for improvement
iFixit ProBestGood
Sharden SetGoodRoom for improvement
Xiaomi ElectricGoodGood
Oria KitGoodBest
iFixit MorayGoodRoom for improvement
Maxcraft 7-In-1 PocketGoodGood


The Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set and the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit are the only picks with best-in-class ergonomics for one-handed use.

Wera’s Kraftform handle has great curvatures and materials for exceptional ergonomics and gripping power. The grip is designed in a way that there are three zones, the top for fast rotation, the middle for gripping control, and the base near the shaft for precision twisting.

As for the iFixit Pro model, the all-metal design, knurling, and swivel cap are well-designed to hold the precision screwdriver in different orientations and for different hand sizes.

The only pick with room for improvement for one-handed use is the Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver. The handle has few curvatures to grip onto, and the swivel cap is too slick and rounded. The result is that you can use it one-handed, it’s just not as natural as our other picks, and you may have less confidence rotating the driver.

Honorable mentions

We reviewed several iFixit tool sets, including the iFixit Mahi, iFixit Mako, iFixit Manta, and iFixit Minnow. But our final picks, the iFixit Moray and iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit offered the best price and versatility.

The Jakemy 43-In-1 Precision Screwdriver Set is a good budget pick but has fewer bits and less versatility than our budget pick.

The Klein Tools Precision Screwdriver Set is made for Apple products. But our electronics-focused precision screwdriver picks also work for Apple products and are competitively priced or include more bits and tools.

The Lifegoo 170-Pc. Electronics Repair Tool Kit is a solid budget pick that is typically priced higher than the Oria Precision Screwdriver Set. Both have a similar build quality. We’d suggest going with the Lifegoo model, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, or the Sharden Precision Screwdriver Set if you want more bits and tools for electronics repairs.

The Wiha Insulated Slim Line Precision Screwdriver set is exceptional and has the convenience of onboard bit storage. But this tool is meant chiefly for electricians with the insulated design. Plus, it’s expensive. Our pick, the Megapro 25-In-1 Precision Screwdriver is similarly designed with onboard storage at a far lower price point.


  • Who makes the best precision screwdrivers?

    Wera, Megapro, and iFixit make some of the best precision screwdrivers. Wera is well-known for its high-end tools that are made with excellent build quality and durability. Megapro is less known but makes a great all-in-one precision screwdriver. iFixit manufactures a wide variety of high-quality precision screwdrivers and electronics repair toolkits with lifetime warranties.

  • What are precision screwdrivers used for?

    Precision screwdrivers are used mainly for electronics, glasses, and jewelry repairs. The compact designs and small bits included with precision screwdrivers fit well with the screws used in PCs, phones, glasses, and watches.


We reviewed the online ratings, specs, and pricing for 24 precision screwdrivers. Once compiling this information, we narrowed the list to picks we tested in-house. In-house testing mainly involved testing the tools for ergonomics, ease of use, build quality, portability, and driving different screw types and sizes. Many small screws are easy to strip, so we closely examined how well each precision screwdriver performed when tightening and loosening different kinds of screws.

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    Now, if people think the problem is not the screws but my screwdriverset, I like to hear what would be a better set for tiny screws. We’re talking screwdrivers and not cars, so price is not an issue. I simply want the best and I haven’t found them so far.


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