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There are endless screwdriver bit sets from many different manufacturers and many are solid picks. But you’re not here to uncover which models are OK enough. You want to find the best screwdriver bit set in a crowded pack and reasonably priced models. That’s where our in-depth buying guide can help.

Below, we include our podium-topping picks, in-house test results, and essential buying tips so you can confidently buy the best bit set the first time.

We’ve also compiled in-depth buying guides testing several related products. You may want to review our bits guides to the best drill bits and best impact driver bits. Our guides to the best ratcheting screwdrivers, best screwdriver sets, and best electric screwdrivers can help you find a screwdriver to pair with your new screwdriver bits.

Best Screwdriver Bit Set In-House Testing
We put the best screwdriver bits through a series of tests, including driving Phillips screws into 2x4s to understand each bits gripping power, among other tests. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Best screwdriver bit set

Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Set
  • Highly durable and precise-fitting bits
  • Includes drill bits
  • Includes several hex bits
  • No interlocking case
  • Bits are sometimes hard to remove the holders
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 40
  • Bit types: Phillips, slotted, torx, square, nut driver, socket adapter, hex, magnetic driver, drill bits

The Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Set is the best screwdriver bit set we’ve tested. These screwdriver bits performed well across various tests we ran and have excellent versatility in a small set.

Notably, this pick is an impact-rated bit set, so the bits can pull double duty with hand tools and power tools. The torsional flexibility, compared to standard screwdriver bits, means they can withstand impacts without breaking. It’s hard to pass up the convenience of having one set that works regardless of the type of screwdriver, be it a manual screwdriver, power drill, or impact driver.

The Shockwave Drill and Drive set also includes several drill bits, nut drivers, socket adapters, and a magnetic bit holder for added versatility.

Combine these features, and you have an all-in-one screwdriver bit set that can handle nearly any tasks you’ll encounter around the home.

Beyond versatility, the Shockwave Drill and Driver Set bits are machined well with excellent gripping power. In our Phillips screw fit and driving tests, these screwdriver bits tightly fit a standard Phillips head screw, resulting in fewer stripped screws and good confidence driving screws with a ratcheting screwdriver.

Consider you won’t get a ton of the most standard bits, different lengths, and specialty bits like more extensive sets, just the essentials. So, it may not be a suitable model if you want a kitchen sink of screwdriver bits.

Bosch T4047 Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Includes an extendable magnetic bit holder
  • Easy bit removal from holders
  • Limited bit selection
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 46
  • Bit types: Phillips, slotted, torx, square, nut driver, extendable magnetic driver, drill bits

The Bosch T4047 is an outstanding screwdriver bit set if you want the essentials in a well-designed, easy-to-use, portable storage case.

You’ll get the most standard bits, two nut drivers, and an extendable magnetic bit holder that helps drive long screws straighter. This lineup is typical for most screwdriver bit sets. But what makes the Bosch T4047 stand out from the pack is its storage case and the price.

The storage case is smaller than most sets with a similar number of bits, yet the screwdriver bits are not so tightly packed that they’re hard to remove. In fact, this screwdriver bit set performed among the best in our tests removing and replacing bits into their holders.

The plastic sides of the holders clasp onto each bit with the proper force, making them dead simple to remove without being so loose that the bits fall out when dropping the box. We dropped the box repeatedly, and no bits fell from their holders.

If we had to gripe about one thing, the Bosch T4047 performed in the middle of the pack in our screw fit and gripping power tests. The tested Phillips head bit fit just as well as several of our other picks, just not as well as our Milwaukee and Makita screwdriver bit picks, which shined.

Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Bit Set
  • Highly durable and precise-fitting bits
  • Great case with easy-to-remove bits
  • Includes several hex bits
  • Includes only one 1/4-inch socket adapter
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 60
  • Bit types: Phillips, slotted, torx, square, nut driver, socket adapter, hex, magnetic driver

The Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Bit Set is another easy contender for a podium spot as the best screwdriver bit set.

Like our Milwaukee Shockwave pick, this is an impact driver bit set, so you’ll get the versatility to use these bits in a manual screwdriver, impact driver, or cordless power drill.

What stands out with the XPS 60-Pc set is the gripping performance and case design. In our Phillips screw fit and driving tests, these screwdriver bits had no slop, resulting in impressive grip and driving efficiency. The bit tips are machined with slightly sharper edges and less rounding throughout, which explains the improved performance.

The Makita XPS 60-Pc. bit sets storage case is one of the best among the reviewed models. While the case doesn’t interlock with other Makita bit sets, like Dewalt’s ToughCase+, the bit holders smoothly rotate upward to make it easy to remove bits with the right amount of resistance.

One downside is the limited selection of screwdriver bits. You get several hex screwdriver bits, which most competing sets don’t include, but it’s still a small set that doesn’t include specialty screwdriver bits or an extendable magnetic bit holder.

Best basic bit set
Dewalt DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Includes 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3.5-inch sizes
  • Secure carrying case
  • Extendable magnetic bit holder
  • Limited bit type selection
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 45
  • Bit types: Phillips, slotted, torx, square, nut driver, magnetic bit holder

The Dewalt DW2166 sells like hotcakes on several online sites, including on Amazon where it has amassed nearly 100,000 user reviews. Some of the popularity is undoubtedly Dewalt’s marketing dollars and brand recognition at work. But you don’t move this many units without a good product, which was confirmed once we got our hands on the DW2166 set for testing.

The Dewalt DW2166 is the best Dewalt screwdriver bit set and it comes with standard Phillips, slotted, torx, and square bits. Most sets come with just a 1-inch and 2-inch bit for each head type, but the Dewalt DW2166 also includes 3.5-inch Phillips and slotted bits, which add versatility for projects around the home.

Dewalt’s ToughCase+ included with this screwdriver bit set also explains some of the popularity. The bits are easy to remove by rotating the holder upward and sliding the bit out. The case is handy if you have other Dewalt bit sets since they interlock with each other for excellent portability and storage in tight spots.

Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Tons of standard and specialty bits included
  • Three lengths included for standard bits
  • Quick-change bit holder
  • Storage case holds bits too loosely
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At a glance

  • # of bits: 208
  • Bit types: XYZ

The Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bit Set is the best bit set if you want a model with tons of replacement standard and specialty bits.

The storage case isn’t anything to write home about since the bits fall out too easily. But that’s not an issue if you’re looking for a set to keep in your garage and aren’t worried about portability.

The most common Phillips, slotted, and square screwdriver bits come in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3.5-inch variations, rare with smaller sets that typically include only 1-inch and 2-inch sizes. The specialty torx security, tamper proof, hex, pozidriv, tri-wing, and other screwdriver bits come in a 1-inch size.

One handy added feature is that the Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bit Set includes a quick-change bit holder, as you’d find on some of the top impact drivers. The holder simplifies bit changes, extends the shaft length, and locks each bit in place.

Test results

Screw head fit and gripping power

ModelPhillips Screw FitGripping Power
Milwaukee ShockwaveBestBest
Bosch T4047GoodGood
Makita XPS 60-Pc.BestGood
Dewalt DW2166GoodGood
Horusdy ProGoodGood

Pro tip

We translate our numerical scores for each product tested in a category into a Best, Good, and Room for Improvement rating. The lowest rating doesn’t mean the product performed poorly, rather, it performed the worst among the top picks that were tested.

We tested how well a Phillips screwdriver bit from each set fits into a standard Phillips screw, along with manually driving screws into a 2×4. These tests helped us understand the gripping power of each model and whether stripping screws was an issue.

The Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Set and Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Set outshined the rest of our picks with bits that tightly fit into a Phillips screw. We had more confidence in manually driving screws with these models and experienced fewer stripped screws.

The other models all experience a slight wobble or looseness when placed into the screw head. No models performed poorly.

We include in the links below close-up pictures of how each screwdriver bit fits a Phillips screw head.

Storage case

ModelBit StorageCustomizable Layout
Milwaukee ShockwaveRoom for improvementYes
Bosch T4047BestNo
Makita XPS 60-Pc.BestYes
Dewalt DW2166BestYes
Horusdy ProRoom for improvementNo

We tested the design and portability of each screwdriver bit set storage case. We primarily focused on the ease of removing bits from their holders and dropped each case several times on the open side to understand if bits fall out when jostled.

The Bosch T4047 Screwdriver Bit Set, Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Bit Set, and Dewalt DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set performed the best in our storage case tests.

The Bosch T4047 and Makita XPS 60-Pc. don’t have an interlocking case with customizable holder layouts like the Dewalt DW2166, but the bit holders are thoughtfully designed.

Bosch T4047 Bit Holders Closeup
The Bosch T4047’s bit holders are thoughtfully designed and clasp the bits with the proper force. Credit: Nathan Hamilton
Dewalt ToughCase Interlocking Feature
Dewalt’s ToughCase+ storage cases are great for portability with their interlocking design. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Bits are dead-simple to remove with all three sets, even the 1-inch bits that are sometimes finicky to grasp for people with bigger hands. When dropped several times, all three models held all the bits in place.

We wish the Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Set was similarly well designed. The 1-inch bits are too tricky to remove, and the bit holder rotating mechanism isn’t as smooth as other models, like the Makita XPS 60-Pc.

The Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bit Set’s storage case has room for improvement, primarily since the case doesn’t hold the bits tightly, as demonstrated in our drop test, where roughly half the screwdriver bits fell out.

Bits included

ModelPhillipsSlottedTorxSquareNut DriverDrill BitsHexSocket AdapterBit HolderOther
Milwaukee Shockwave113763342MagneticN/A
Bosch T40472043162NoneNoneNoneExtendable magneticN/A
Makita XPS 60-Pc.20217102None61MagneticN/A
Dewalt DW2166226482NoneNoneNoneExtendable magneticN/A
Horusdy Pro4722182620None36NoneQuick-changeVarious pozidriv, spanner, tri-wing, torx star, and tamper-proof

To always have the right tool for the job, it’s best to have a portable small screwdriver set and a more versatile, bigger screwdriver bit set in your home. The portable sets we included on our shortlist all include at least Phillips, slotted, torx, and square bits, plus a magnetic holder.

Some of these sets add less-common bits, such as the Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Set including several drill bits, and the Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Bit Set including hex bits.

Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Bits Closeup
The Milwaukee Drill and Drive includes several drill bits that add to the sets versatility. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

These screwdriver bit types are sufficient to handle nearly all needs around the house. But there’s no doubt you’ll come across a task where a specialty bit will save the day, or you’ll need extra replacements and different shank lengths.

Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bits Lineup
Credit: Nathan Hamilton

That’s where a kitchen-sink-like set such as the Horusday Pro Screwdriver Bit Set is handy, especially since you can pick it up for under $30. That beats stripping screws or grappling with a fastener using the wrong bit type, followed by an inevitable trip to the big box store to pick up what was needed in the first place.

How to pick the best screwdriver bits

Driving versatility

Consider first what tools you’ll be using with your screwdriver bits. Impact-rated bits are versatile and are our preferred bit type around the home. These bits have greater torsional flexibility to cushion the impacts of an impact driver without breaking. Standard screwdriver bits don’t include such torsion zones in their design. Accordingly, impact-rated bits work in a manual screwdriver, impact driver, or power drill.

Impact and Regular Screwdriver Bits Compared
Top: Impact driver bit. Bottom: Standard screwdriver bit. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

So, why do screwdriver bits exist if they’re less versatile? Standard screwdriver bits cost less per bit and not everyone needs the torsional flexibility since they don’t have an impact driver.

Bit versatility

Small screwdriver bit sets typically include Phillips, slotted, torx, and square bits, plus a magnetic bit holder. This lineup is sufficient for most tasks around the home and on the job site.

But more expansive sets add in different lengths for each standard bit and include more specialty bits, such as hex, pozidriv, tamper-proof, and torx security.

Instead of picking between the two types of screwdriver bit sets, we recommend buying one of each. Small sets are portable and hold bits tightly. Having a bigger set as well ensures you’ll have the right screwdriver bit for every possible task, plus many replacement bits that you can beat up and not worry about.

Honorable mentions

The Makita XPS 45-Pc Impact Bit Set is a solid option to save a few bucks compared to the Makita XPS 60-Pc. Impact Bit Set. The bits are the same high quality, though you get fewer of each, and the smaller set drops the hex bits.

The Milwaukee Shockwave 74-Pc. Impact Driver Bit Set is a good choice if you like our Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive pick but don’t need drill bits and want more specialty options.

The Jackson Palmer Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set is the same as the Horusdy Pro Screwdriver Bit Set and is from the same supplier. Both brands white label the same set under their name. The one difference is that the Jackson Palmer model includes a rubber bit holder for portability but doesn’t include the quick-change holder as the Horusdy Pro.


  • How do I choose the correct screwdriver bits?

    Most screwdriver bits are interchangeable with a 1/4-inch shank that fits a typical manual screwdriver, ratcheting screwdriver, or impact driver. Once you’ve confirmed you’re buying a set with the appropriate shank size, you’ll want to determine what bit types you need. Most sets have standard Phillips, slotted, torx, and square bits.

    Specialty types like torx security, pozidriv, and hex are less common and mostly come in larger screwdriver bit sets.

  • Will any screwdriver bit fit my screwdriver?

    Any screwdriver bit with a 1/4-inch shank will fit a manual screwdriver, ratcheting screwdriver, impact driver, or power drill.

  • What brand makes the best screwdriver bits?

    Our Milwaukee, Makita, and Bosch screwdriver bit sets performed among the best of the brands we tested. These brands all have models that are well-machined and competitively priced.


We first reviewed online ratings and first-hand user reviews for 23 models to uncover the best screwdriver bit sets. All brands offer good options in different configurations of bits included, but not all options are well-priced. That’s why we focused at this stage on finding the specific sets within a manufacturer’s lineup that offer a reasonable price per bit. After researching models, we purchased units for in-house testing. Our tests are designed to represent the most common uses for screwdriver bits to understand how they hold up in tasks around the home and on the job site. Here’s more on the tests we ran.

  • Storage case design and ease-of-use: We reviewed each case’s design and functionality, paying close attention to whether the bits are easy to remove and if the bit holder layouts are customizable.
  • Bit holder drop test: We repeatedly dropped each storage case with the open face on the ground. This test helped us understand how well the holders hold each screwdriver bit. Models that hold bits tightly, without the bits being too difficult to remove, are better for portability and organization.
  • Bit versatility: We reviewed the bits included with each set to understand how versatile they are for different tasks. At a minimum, all sets include a Phillips head, slotted head, torx head, square head bits, and a bit holder.
  • Screw head fit: We tested how well each screwdriver bit fits into a Phillips head screw to understand the tightness/fit for each model.
  • Screw grip test: We tested driving screws into a 2×4 using a ratcheting screwdriver and paid close attention to any wobbling or looseness that could affect the gripping power when driving screws.
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