Best Screwdriver Sets

Best Screwdriver Sets

It pays to have the right tool on hand when it comes to tightening and loosening fasteners or tweaking adjustment screws. Using the wrong screwdriver can damage the tool and the workpiece or even be a danger to the user. The best way for a DIYer or pro to ensure they have the right screwdriver is to buy a complete set. But what are the best screwdriver sets to buy?

A lot goes into choosing a screwdriver set, and needs can change from person to person. For those reasons, we put together the following guide on shopping for the best screwdriver set, including a list of some of our favorite products and essential education.

Best screwdriver sets

Best 5-10pc. set
Wera Kraftform 6pc. Screwdriver Set
  • Ergonomically designed grips
  • Designed to take hammer impacts
  • Hex-shape shaft for use with a wrench
  • A bit expensive
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Types of Tips#1 and 2 Phillips, 3.5MM, 4.5MM, 5.5MM, and 7.0MM slotted
Piece Count6
Carrying CaseNo, but does come with a wall-mounted rack

Bottom line: While it might not be a large kit, this 6pc. screwdriver set from Wera is all about quality. This set comes with #1 and 2 Philips screwdrivers and a range of slotted drivers between 3.5MM and 7.0MM.

Each screwdriver features an ergonomically-designed handle to ensure a comfortable and safe grip while tightening or loosening fasteners. For situations that require more torque, the base of the shaft on each screwdriver is hex-shaped, allowing the user to apply leverage with a wrench.

Wera even designed this screwdriver set to take hammer impacts, using durable alloy steel that can take a beating but still cleans easily. This does come at a price, though, as this isn’t a cheap set.

Best 10-20pc. set
Craftsman 17pc. Screwdriver Set
  • Lengths vary for improved reach and control
  • Heat-treated steel for long-term durability
  • Classic ergonomic design
  • No carrying case or bells and whistles
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Types of Tips#0, #1, and #2 Phillips (varying lengths), 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, ¼-inch slotted (varying lengths)
Piece Count17
Carrying CaseNo

Bottom line: Some projects require more reach, while others require improved control. In either case, this 17pc. screwdriver set from Craftsman delivers. This set comes with seven Phillips screwdrivers, including #0, #1, and #2 sizes, and nine slotted screwdrivers (3/32, 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4), each ranging in lengths varying from 1 ½ inches to 8 inches in length. It also comes with a 4-in-1 pocket keychain.

These screwdrivers feature time-tested classic handle designs that promote grip while also being comfortable in hand. The tips are heat-treated for improved longevity, as well. They don’t come with a carrying case, but they’ll fit nicely in a toolbox drawer.

Best upgrade
GearWrench 20pc. Screwdriver Set
  • Oil-resistant, ergonomic grips
  • Hex base for improved torque
  • Polished alloy steel shaft with black oxide tips
  • Limited selection for the price
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Types of TipsPhillips, slotted, and Torx
Piece Count20
Carrying CaseNo

Bottom line: DIYers that don’t mind spending a bit extra for pro-grade tools should consider the GearWrench 20pc. Screwdriver Set. This set comes with 9 Phillips bits, 9 slotted bits, and two Torx bits. Though this kit might not have hex, tamper-proof, or other tip types, the screwdrivers it does have range from mini precision sizes to 8 inches long for various applications.

This screwdriver set from GearWrench checks the boxes in terms of materials and design. The shafts are polished alloy, making them easy to clean and unlikely to rust.

The tips themselves are black oxide to make them durable and long-lasting. Also, the grips feature a tri-lobe design that is ergonomic, while the material resists oil. Some of the screwdrivers even feature hex bases on the shaft for slipping a wrench over to improve torque.

Best screwdriver and bit set
Tekton Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set
  • Includes lots of bits
  • Comes with a quality carrying case
  • Can be used compact or with shaft extended
  • Includes a precision screwdriver with bits and prybar
  • OK build quality, good for the price
  • Bits store loosely in the end cap
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Types of TipsSlotted, Phillips, square, Torx, Pozidriv, hex, tamper-proof, nut drivers, star, Pentalobe, and clutch
Piece Count135
Carrying CaseYes

Bottom line: With as many screws and fastener types as there are on the market, a comprehensive kit like this one from Tekton can be necessary. This screwdriver set features 135 pieces, including several Phillips, slotted, Torx, star, tamper-proof, and hex bits, as well as nut drivers and specialty bits like Pentalobe and Pozidriv.

The screwdriver that comes with this set ratchets, allowing the user to choose between tightening, loosening, or locking the shaft in place. It also has in-handle storage, though there aren’t any bit holders inside, though it does come with a carrying case and an affordable price tag.

A nice addition to round out the packed feature set is a set of precision bits and a precision screwdriver to fix electronics and other small items, like glasses.

Best precision screwdriver set
Oria Precision Screwdriver Kit
  • Good for electronics and DIY use
  • Lots of bits
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Includes a flexible and extendable shafts
  • No onboard bit storage
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Types of TipsPhillips, slotted, hex, tamper-proof, nut drivers, square, and star
Piece Count57 tips, 60 pieces overall
Carrying CaseYes

Bottom line: Working on electronics or other small items requires precision tools and this 60pc. set from Oria has most of the fastening needs covered.

This kit comes with several Phillips and slotted bits, as well as nut drivers, hex tips, Torx, star, security, and tamper-proof bits, totaling 56 bits in all. The bits are chromium-vanadium, meaning they’ll be long-lasting and easy to clean.

This screwdriver set also comes with a carrying case for all the bits. It includes a flexible shaft for fastening in tight places, and the screwdriver’s shaft extends for better reach. While the screwdriver might be a bit small for heavy-duty work, this set can handle most fastening needs.

Best all-in-one set
Wiha Multi Bit 26-in-1
  • Bits store in handle
  • Soft cushioned grip
  • Hard-wearing alloy
  • Small bits can be easier to lose
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Types of TipsPhillips, slotted, Torx, and square
Piece Count26 bits, 1 screwdriver
Carrying CaseNo

Bottom line: Wiha’s Multi Bit 26-In-1 screwdriver does away with the need for a carrying case or multiple screwdrivers. This set of 26 bits fits inside the handle, allowing users to grab the bit they need quickly, pop it at the screwdriver’s end, and get to work. This leaves more room in a toolbox for other gear and ensures that DIYers have what they need on hand.

This set comes with 13 double-sided bits, with #1 and #2 Phillips and several slotted, square, and Torx bits. The handle itself is soft, while the alloy steel used for the bits and shaft is hard-wearing and durable. If there’s a complaint, it might be that these bits are a bit small, making them a bit easier to lose than the longer bits found in similar screwdrivers.

Best screwdriver set for electricians
Wera Kraftform Insulated Pro Screwdriver Set
  • Insulated against electrical shocks
  • Laser-etched tips for improved grip
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • No hex base like some other Wera products
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Types of Tips#1 and #2 Phillips, 2.5MM, 3.5MM, 4.0MM, and 5.5MM slotted
Piece Count6
Carrying CaseNo, but does have a wall-mounted rack

Bottom line: For those who might find themselves working in electrical boxes or on electrical fixtures, check out the Wera Kraftform Insulated Pro Screwdriver Set. This kit includes 2 Phillips screwdrivers (#1 and #2) as well as four slotted screwdrivers (2.5MM, 3.5MM, 4.0MM, and 5.5MM).

Each screwdriver features a laser-etched tip for better grip on fasteners and clearly-marked sizes on the butt of the handles. The laser etching firmly grasps the top of any fastener to the point of feeling like the tip of the screwdriver and faster are bonded together. Cams out be damned with this model.

Wera tests these screwdrivers with up to 10,000 volts of electricity, ensuring they can handle more than the rated 1,000 volts. Each shaft and handle is insulated, allowing for both comfort and protection.

Unlike other Wera products, there isn’t a hex base for additional torque, but that’s acceptable considering this screwdriver set is designed for working on electrical fixtures.

Best screwdriver for woodworking
Vessel Ball Grip Interchangeable Screwdriver
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • High-quality bits
  • Tight tolerances to remove sloppiness or wobble
  • No carrying case or storage
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Types of TipsPhillips, Pozidriv, and slotted
Piece Count4, including handle
Carrying CaseNo

Bottom line: Woodworkers love precise tools, and this screwdriver set from Vessel delivers. This model features a ball-style handle that allows woodworkers plenty of leverage when driving screws through hardwoods, but the grip also tapers for improved speed when necessary. The rubber coating on the handle also improves grip and comfort.

This set comes with three double-sided 3-inch driver bits, including #1, #2, and #3 Phillips, #2 and #3 Pozidriv, and a 6MM slotted bit. These high-quality bits slide into the handle and snap into place, removing sloppiness or wobbling, thanks to the tight machining tolerances.

Best basic bit set
Dewalt DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set
  • Includes 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3.5-inch sizes
  • Secure carrying case
  • Extendable magnetic bit holder
  • Limited bit type selection
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Types of TipsPhillips, slotted, Torx, and square, as well as nut drivers and magnetic drive guides
Piece Count45
Carrying CaseYes

Bottom line: Anyone looking for a full kit of screwdriver bits for their screwgun or other tools should give this 45pc. kit from Dewalt some thought. This kit comes includes several Phillips, slotted, Torx, and square bits, allowing users to handle most construction fasteners with one kit. It also has two nut drivers and a magnetic drive guide for screws.

However, this kit doesn’t come with a screwdriver. The bits are standard ¼-inch size, which means they’re compatible and interchangeable with most multi-bit screwdrivers.

Also, there are bits of varying lengths, allowing users to choose the correct length for the project at hand. Everything stores neatly in the secure carrying case with its clear cover keeping everything on display for quickly finding the right bit.

Tips/bits included

Screwdriver SetPhilipsSlottedTorxHexSquareNut DriversTamper-ProofPozidriv
Wera Kraftform 6pc.YYNNNNNN
Craftsman 17pc.YYNNNNNN
GearWrench 20pc.YYYNNNNN
Tekton Screwdriver and Bit SetYYYYYYYY
Oria Precision KitYYNYYYYN
Wiha 26-In-1YYYNYNNN
Wera 6pc. InsulatedYYNNNNNN
Vessel Ball GripYYNNNNNY
Dewalt 45pc. Bit SetYYYNYYNN

Handles and ergonomics

IMG 3930 scaled e1652064242528
From left to right: Wera Kraftform 6pc., Wera 6pc. Insulated, GearWrench 20pc., Tekton Screwdriver and Bit Set, Craftsman 17pc., Vessel Ball Grip, and Oria Precision Kit. Wiha 26-In-1 is not pictured. Credit: Nathan Hamilton

Ergonomics and the quality of the handle are important for more than just aesthetics. A properly-sized handle makes it easier to torque a fastener. All of our picks have great handles, but there are some things you should know.

The two Wera models on this list have the best combination of ergonomics and soft-in-the-hand feel, all with rugged durability.

The GearWrench 20pc. Screwdriver Set seats well in your hand, but not as well as other full-sized models on this list. While it’s not a dealbreaker for many, this is a high-priced screwdriver set.

On the other hand, the Craftsman 17pc. Screwdriver Set hits the perfect combination of price and ergonomics. Not only does this set pack in more screwdrivers than many of our other picks, but it does so with a great feel and a bargain price.

The most unique screwdriver set on this list is the Vessell Ball Grip Interchangeable Screwdriver. This screwdriver oozes build quality and is dead simple to torque with its shape and hard rubber handle.

Lastly, the Oria Precision Screwdriver Kit is a pleasure to hold in hand and turn a fastener. Just seat the screwdriver end in the palm of your hand and rotate the shaft with your thumb and index finger. As with most precision screwdrivers, this model’s shaft spins freely from the butt of the handle.

Honorable mentions

We tested a lot of screwdriver sets, and they didn’t all make the cut. The following are some of the sets we felt didn’t offer enough value or simply weren’t up to the task.

The Klein Tools 8pc. Screwdriver Set is highly durable and feels great in hand. But there are more versatile options to consider that are cheaper than this set.

We had high hopes for the Stanley FatMax Diamond Tip 6pc. Screwdriver Set, given the heritage of the FatMax brand and the competitive price point. But this set is consistently hard to find in stock online.

The Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver Set has some of the best build quality we’ve seen for this type of screwdriver. The downside is the high price compared to our precision screwdriver pick, which is roughly one-third the cost and has great build quality. We recognize the two models are on opposite ends of the price spectrum. We just don’t think buying a high-end precision screwdriver is necessary.

The Jackson Palmer 218pc. Screwdriver Bit Set includes rare bit types, like security bits. But we favored the Tekton Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set since it includes a ratcheting screwdriver, not just a deep lineup of bits.

While the price isn’t terrible for Vickay’s Blue Magnetic Screwdriver Set, better quality sets are available at a similar price point.

Which screwdriver set is right for you?

There is a lot to like about the screwdriver sets listed above, but choosing the right type of screwdriver for you might not be so easy. The following points should help.


DIYers need a good set of screwdrivers that can handle most tasks. For that, a complete set of screwdrivers like the Tekton Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set set is ideal. It has almost every driver bit necessary to tackle nearly any project, all at an affordable price. We’d also suggest considering the Craftsman 17pc. Screwdriver Set.


Regarding screwdriver sets, pros need something they can rely on to get the job done. The GearWrench 20pc. Screwdriver Set set features oil-resistant grips, hex shape shaft bases, and durable black oxide tips, meaning this one-time purchase will pay dividends for years to come.

If you’re looking for a smaller set and one with the ability to handle hard-impact jobs, the Wera Kraftform 6pc. Screwdriver Set is worth considering. The screwdriver is constructed to take hammer impacts without breaking.

Appliance and electronic repairs

Appliance and electronics repairs rarely require a heavy hand, and small, precision screwdrivers are typically better for the job. The Oria Precision Screwdriver Kit set might be the way to go for these repairs, with its flexible shaft for reaching tight places and bits for various fasteners.


Most folks in construction already have a bevy of tools, but adding a screwdriver set to the mix is never a bad idea. The Dewalt 45pc. Screwdriver Bit Set is a great supplement to screwgun kits or multi-bit drivers that might be missing a bit or two.


The Wera Kraftform Plus Insulated Professional Screwdriver Set protects against up to 1,000 volts of electricity with its insulated build.

Buying guide

Many screwdriver sets are available through online retailers and big box stores. But they’re hardly all equal in quality. Choosing the best screwdriver takes a bit of research and homework. Luckily, the following sections will cover most of the legwork for you.

Tips and types

Screwdriver sets come with either multiple screwdrivers of different types or tips that interchange with one universal screwdriver. With so many different types of fasteners, it’s critical to find a comprehensive screwdriver set.

The most common types or tips to look for include:

  • Sizes 1, 2, and 3 Philips bits
  • 4MM, 5MM, and 7MM slotted bits
  • T6, T8, T10, T12, and T15 Torx bits
  • Hex key sizes ranging from 5MM to 8MM, and 3/32-inch to 5/16-inch
  • Square drive #1 and #2


As is the case with all hand tools, a screwdriver’s grip is one of the top considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a set of these tools. As the main point of contact for the user, the grip needs to be comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Some grips improve comfort with over-molded rubber padding. This allows the user to squeeze tightly without hurting their hand while also giving them the friction they need to bust stubborn screws loose. Also, ergonomically-designed barrel grips with finger reliefs or narrowed necks can improve control.


A screwdriver’s longevity is mostly dependent on its materials, and there’s no sense in investing money in a set that isn’t going to last. Stainless steel and alloys like chromium vanadium are hard-wearing but easy to clean, meaning they’ll last longer than inferior tool steels.

Also, keep in mind that insulated screwdrivers are specifically made for electrical work. These screwdrivers feature coated shafts and handles that will help prevent electrical shock transfer from a fixture to the user.

Specialty screwdrivers to consider

Using the right type of screwdriver simplifies certain tasks on the site and around the home.

Check out our guide to the best ratcheting screwdrivers if you want a highly-efficient tool for one-handed use.

Our guide to the best precision screwdrivers can help you find a good screwdriver for electronics and other jobs that involve small screws.

Lastly, read about the best electric screwdrivers if you are seeking a tool for light-duty tasks, such as removing screws from electric plates. But consider that these screwdrivers don’t offer the same torque capabilities as a standard or ratcheting screwdriver.

Tamper-resistant bits

For folks interested in electronics or appliance repairs, be sure to look for a screwdriver set with tamper-resistant bits. Many of these devices have unique screws to make it harder for someone to pry them open, and these bits can do the trick.


Finally, don’t discount the value of a good storage solution. Whether it’s a carrying case or in-handle storage, having a place to keep bits neat and tidy can go a long way to promoting better workflow.


  • What are the best screwdriver brands?

    There are a lot of brands on the market and knowing which ones to trust can feel like taking a shot in the dark. Among the best screwdriver brands are the classics like Craftsman and Stanley, which are affordable and widely available.

    However, European brands like Wera and Wiha are at the top of the heap when it comes to tight tolerances and precision tools.


Putting together a list of the best screwdriver sets is no small task. We had to buy a lot of sets and perform hands-on testing with each before we were comfortable offering our opinions. To land on our list of the top picks, we first started by reviewing 22 screwdriver sets, focusing on user ratings and price. That list was narrowed down to the models that we purchased for in-house testing.

Testing in-house consisted of reviewing each screwdriver sets build quality, durability, versatility, ergonomics, and other features to understand the value offered for the price. Models that offered the highest value across these categories for the price made this list.

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