Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure Review

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Bottom line: The Klein Tools 25-Foot Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure is a standout, professional-grade tape measure with versatility and a competitive price.

Klein Tools 25-Foot Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure
  • Overall durability
  • Versatile tang design
  • Includes a finger brake
  • Blade has markings on both sides
  • Heavy weight
  • Bulky ergonomics
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Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure review

Weight591 grams
Length25 feet (available in 16-foot and 30-foot versions as well)
Blade width1 1/4 inch
Standout13 feet
HousingPlastic and rubber
WarrantyOne year


Klein Tools Tape Measure in Hand

The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure is on the bulkier end of the range of the best tape measures, reflected in its hefty weight that comes in at 591 grams.

This doesn’t mean that this hand tool isn’t great for one-handed operation, quite opposite actually.

Molded rubber is utilized both where the tape measure seats into the palm of your hand and where your fingers wrap around the base. This grippy layout makes it easy to operate the tape measure with one hand without worrying about dropping the tape measure. 

Klein Tools Tape Measure Belt Clip

The belt clip is sturdy enough to stay on your tool belt or shop apron but also flexible enough to unhook the tape measure with a single hand.

The blade

The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure’s blade stands out among the pack on many fronts, including its durability, versatility, standout, and self-retraction.

Blade durability (poor, good, great)Great
Hook styleTop and bottom hook with a magnet
Blade protectionNylon coating
Blade markingsDual-sided, 1/16-inch scale

Hook style

Klein Tools Tape Measure Tape Hook

The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure’s hook complements the overall versatility. The hook has four features that make it useful in various scenarios.

The top and bottom hook latch on to the edges well without being too bulky. 

The hook also extends to each side of the tape measure by 3/16”, making it easy to latch onto edges with the tape measure parallel to your workpiece.

Lastly, the hook includes a small magnet on the end. This is another area where the tape measure shines. Some other magnetic tape measures are designed with a magnet on the end that blocks the user from using the top hook. This tape measures magnet doesn’t interfere with the top hook.

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Blade markings

Klein Tools Tape Measure Tape Top and Bottom
Dual-sided blade with standard markings on the top and a conduit bending table on the bottom

The blade itself is dual-sided. On the top you’ll find standard markings every 1/16 of an inch, in addition to standard stud markings at 16”-inch intervals.

The bottom of the blade includes a conduit bending table and a 3-phase layout guide.

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Blade durability

A tape measure’s blade is typically the first thing to wear out over time. This is why we subjected the blade to an abrasion test using 150-grit sandpaper. 

The blade’s nylon coating protected it well but did result in some loss of visibility for the markings and numbers. The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure Tools blade did excel in this test compared to other tape measures we tested.

Self-retraction strength

The self-retraction is both powerful and smooth. You won’t have trouble retracting the tape, even when held at odd angles or fully extended. The retraction mechanism also isn’t so strong that the tape measure will jump out of your hand as the hook retracts into the housing.

The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure also packs in a useful finger break on the bottom of the housing. This feature is great for both locking the tape in place without sliding the locking mechanism down and slowing the tape’s retraction.

Klein Tools Tape Measure Finger Brake

Locking mechanism

Many tape measures in this professional category suffer from overly resistant sliding lock mechanisms that require two hands to operate. The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure’s lock is both easy to slide into and out of the locking position using one hand.

The included finger brake can even render the sliding lock unnecessary for certain measurements that don’t require putting the tape measure down.


The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure was dead-on accurate in our tests of the tape’s accuracy when hooked on the edge of a workpiece. Most quality tape measures are accurate to within 1/32”, but this one beat that mark.


The Klein Tools Magnetic Double Hook Tape Measure is competitively priced with other professional-grade tape measures that can run upwards of $25. Given its versatility and overall build quality, it’s a steal compared to other tape measures.

While you can find cheaper tape measures, those models tend to offer less versatility and durability.


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