Get Paid $1,000 to Binge-Watch House Hunters (Application Closed)

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Project overview

DIY Gear Reviews is conducting a home affordability study based on the HGTV reality show House Hunters. As part of this study, we are looking for someone to binge-watch a season of House Hunters to log details such as the home buyers’ final home purchase price, location, and job titles.

We will then use this data to estimate the home affordability for each episode’s final home purchase and provide insights into whether prospective home buyers should benchmark their purchase budgets to reality TV.

Project requirements

The selected applicant will watch season 244 of House Hunters, which includes 13 episodes, on FuboTV. We are looking for the following details for each episode.

  • City and State where the house search is being conducted.
  • Names of the prospective home buyers.
  • Job titles for the prospective home buyers.
  • Final purchase details, including total purchase price and housing details, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, if provided.
  • Details that may be mentioned about how the home buyers will be financing the property, including potential down payment amount and/or mortgage type. Note that these details may only be discussed in some episodes.
  • Provide a brief 1-2 paragraph written summary of each episode. Potential talking points include the type of home sought (e.g., fixer-upper, architectural style, essential features) and/or further details on the couples (e.g., number of kids), among other items.

The deadline to complete the assignment is within three weeks of the project kick-off.


The accepted applicant will receive $1,000 for the project and $75 to subsidize the cost of a FuboTV subscription.


We are only accepting U.S.-based applicants that are at least 18 years old. Applicants must provide their own streaming device, such as a phone or computer, to watch episodes.

Application process

Submit your application via the form below. Please include a brief overview of why you are a fit for the project. This is your moment to convince us why you should make the cut. So, think through your response since we’re looking for reliable, standout applicants.

Please also include a link(s) to your online profiles so we can put a face to the name. LinkedIn is preferred, but we can accept submissions such as your social media profile or personal blog.

The application deadline is February 24th. The selected applicant will be contacted via email by February 29th.

What is DIY Gear Reviews?

We are a centralized online resource providing lab-tested product reviews for tools and gear that DIYers, homeowners, and professionals use to complete renovation and maintenance projects.

Why home affordability matters

All homeowners desire to make a home their private sanctuary. Achieving this goal requires select renovations, DIY projects, and proper ongoing maintenance, which all cost money on top of your monthly mortgage payment.

Nailing the right home-buying budget from the onset ensures homeowners have sufficient funds left over after paying their mortgage to maintain and improve their homes while covering other expenses.

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