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Best Power Tool Combo Kits Featured

Power tool combo kits are a fantastic option for new power tool owners wanting to build an arsenal of versatile tools at a discounted price. But with a seemingly endless list of configurations, finding the best power tool combo kits can feel daunting.

Our handy guide below helps you find the best options that include the most popular and versatile tool configurations. This way, you can breeze through common jobs around the home and on the jobsite after making a single power tool purchase, not arduously putting together your power tool kit piece by piece.

Pro tip

We recommend purchasing a combo kit with at least a drill, impact driver, circular saw, two batteries, and a charger. These versatile tools are the most popular. Rounding out your kit with a charger and two batteries ensures you’ll never miss a beat when completing a project.

Best power tool combo kits

Best overall: Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit (3697-27)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit (3697-27)
  • Flagship speed and power
  • Includes two 5Ah batteries
  • Build quality and warranty length
  • Multi-volt charger works with M12 and M18 batteries
  • No oscillating multi-tool included
  • Expensive
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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit is the best Milwaukee tool kit and the best overall pick we’ve come across. It outshines other kits from Milwaukee and different brands for several reasons.

Firstly, this combo kit includes all Fuel-branded power tools, which is Milwaukee’s highest-performing lineup that offers best-in-class build quality. We’ve tested tons of power tools throughout our history and have consistently found each Milwaukee Fuel power tool outshines the performance offered when jumping to other popular competitors.

This outcome is most apparent when reviewing the performance of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2904-20 hammer drill and Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2953-20 impact driver included in this Milwaukee tool kit. Both power tools secured the highest editorial ratings in our test fleet in each category due to their brute-force speed and power. To demonstrate their power, check out the below videos from our in-house drilling and driving tests.

Beyond performance, this combo kit includes a well-balanced set of power tools and batteries that are versatile enough for a range of demanding applications. Including two M18 Red Lithium XC 5.0Ah batteries is especially important at this performance tier where run time and power are critical. Many other power tool sets cut corners by including lower amp-hour batteries to reduce the price.

Items included

  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2904-20 hammer drill
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2953-20 impact driver
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2880-20 angle grinder
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2821-20 reciprocating saw
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2962-20 mid-torque impact wrench
  • Milwaukee 2735-20 LED work light
  • Two Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium XC 5.0Ah batteries
  • M12/M18 multi-volt charger
  • Two contractor bags

Also great

The Dewalt 20V Max XR 6-Tool Combo Kit (DCK694P2) is a solid flagship competitor offering a similar power tool lineup. However, it includes an oscillating multi-tool instead of an impact wrench. This Dewalt 20V combo kit configuration is arguably better for most people since impact wrenches are predominantly mechanics-specific power tools.

The Makita 18V LXT 6-Tool Combo Kit (XT616PT) goes toe to toe with our Milwaukee combo kit pick with flagship-ready power tools.

Pro tip

Check out our global drill rankings and global impact driver rankings if you’re considering a specific combo kit and want to dive deeper into the performance and our overall rating for specific tools included. Most power tool kits will include the model number for each tool included, which you can reference in our rankings for in-depth testing and insights.

Best drill driver combo kit (18V): Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit
  • Flagship speed and performance
  • Includes two 5Ah batteries
  • Build quality and warranty length
  • Multi-volt charger works with M12 and M18 batteries
  • Drill auxiliary arm and kickback control technology
  • Including two different amp-hour battery capacities would improve versatility
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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2904-20 hammer drill and Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2953-20 impact driver are Milwaukee’s most recent Gen-4 models that landed spots atop our lists for the best cordless drill and best impact driver, respectively. So, it’s unsurprising that both power tools secured a spot on this list when combined into a single kit.

Regarding the 2904-20 hammer drill, we were consistently impressed with its speed and torque throughout our test bench. It powered through demanding drilling tasks while maintaining high RPMs and rarely bogged down.

In the rare case it did bind up when boring wide holes with spade bits or a hole saw, the Autostop kickback control technology and included auxiliary arm helped avoid injury.

Milwaukee 2904-20 Auxiliary Arm
The Milwaukee 2904-20 hammer drill included in this kit has an auxiliary arm in the box and Autostop kickback control technology.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2953-20 impact driver shined similarly. It finished long lag bolts exceptionally fast and produced the highest torque readings among all models in our Summer 2023 test fleet.

Milwaukee 2953-20 Torquemeter
The Milwaukee 2953-20 impact driver included in this kit packed in a powerful torque punch in our lab when tested on a torque meter.

Items included

  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2904-20 hammer drill
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2953-20 impact driver
  • Two Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium XC 5.0Ah batteries
  • Milwaukee M12/M18 multi-volt charger
  • Storage box

Also great

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (2997-22) is modestly cheaper since it includes Milwaukee’s older Gen-3 Fuel hammer drill and impact driver.

The Dewalt 20V Max XR DCF887 impact driver and Dewalt 20V Max XR DCD996 hammer drill included in the Dewalt 20V Max XR Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (DCK299M2) directly compete with our Milwaukee pick on performance.

The Makita 18V LXT Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (XT288T) includes the Makita 18V LXT XPH14Z hammer drill and Makita 18V LXT XDT16 impact driver, offering exceptional performance and versatility.

Best drill driver combo kit (12V): Dewalt 12V Xtreme Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (DCK221F2)

Dewalt 12V Xtreme Drill Driver Combo Kit (DCK221F2)
  • Compact and agile design
  • Includes two batteries
  • Multi-volt charger works with Dewalt 12V Xtreme and 20V Max XR batteries
  • Limited performance in demanding tasks
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Due to the compact tool size and competitive pricing, 12V drill and impact driver kits are perfect for home maintenance, renters, and woodworkers. The Dewalt 12V Xtreme Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit is a solid pick for applications where size beats performance.

The included Dewalt 12V Xtreme DCF801 impact driver performed well in our testing of 12V impact drivers for several reasons. Firstly, it is exceptionally compact from tip to tail and weighs just 1.74 lbs in its bare form.

Dewalt DCF801 On Scale
The Dewalt DCF801 impact driver included in this kit is exceptionally lightweight.

It also includes three drive modes that improve versatility, including when driving screws into low-density materials such as drywall and MDF with an accurate recess.

While we haven’t tested the Dewalt 12V Xtreme DCD701 drill in our lab, we have tested the Dewalt 12V Xtreme DCD706 hammer drill, the same generation model with a hammer drill mode. While this drill won’t power through demanding tasks, like any 12V power tool, it was reasonably fast compared to the competition when drilling under load and driving structural screws and some lag bolts.

Items included

  • Dewalt 12V Xtreme DCD701 drill
  • Dewalt 12V Xtreme DCF801 impact driver
  • Two 12V Xtreme 2.0Ah batteries
  • Dewalt 12V/20V multi-volt charger

Also great

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (3497-22) is better for prosumers and professionals wanting a more powerful 12V setup.

Best budget kit: Ryobi 18V One+ 6-Tool Combo Kit (P1819)

Ryobi 18V One+ 6-Tool Combo Kit (P1819)
  • Exceptional value
  • Includes the essential power tools
  • Includes two different amp-hour batteries for versatility
  • Brushed motors
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The Ryobi 18V One+ 6-Tool Combo Kit is a fantastic pick that won’t break the bank. Before diving into what we like about this Ryobi combo kit, let’s cover one lacking feature Ryobi made to hit such a low price point.

All power tools in this kit include brushed motors that aren’t as efficient as newer brushless motors found in most power tools. This downside is most noticeable regarding performance when put up against more expensive mid-range and higher power tools. But the audience interested in this combo kit won’t be nerding out on power tool specs, so it’s not a major downside.

Importantly, each tool in this kit can tackle demanding tasks. They’ll just bog down more frequently or be slower overall than more expensive models.

Performance aside, the Ryobi power tool kit includes a versatile power tool set with several amp-hour battery capacities to run each tool in a lightweight or more powerful extended run-time configuration. Configuration versatility is especially valuable when jumping from task to task using several tools for a single project.

Items included

  • Ryobi 18V One+ P215 drill
  • Ryobi 18V One+ P235 impact driver
  • Ryobi 18V One+ P343 oscillating multi-tool
  • Ryobi 18V One+ P505 6-1/2” circular saw
  • Ryobi 18V One+ P519 reciprocating saw
  • Ryobi 18V charger
  • 18V One+ 1.5Ah battery
  • 18V One+ 4.0Ah battery

Best kit for homeowners: Milwaukee M18 6-Tool Combo Kit (2697-26)

Milwaukee M18 6-Tool Combo Kit (2697-26)
  • Includes different amp-hour batteries for versatility
  • Includes most popular power tools
  • Build quality and warranty length
  • Multi-volt charger works with M12 and M18 batteries
  • Somewhat expensive
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Homeowners wanting to strike a balance between performance and price will be satisfied with the Milwaukee M18 6-Tool Combo Kit. One standout feature of this power tool combo kit is that it includes a compact 1.5Ah battery for running a lightweight setup and a 3Ah battery for when extra run time or power is needed, such as when using a circular saw.

The Milwaukee 6-Tool Combo Kit also includes the essential tools weekend warriors need to complete light-duty maintenance and DIY renovations. Many power tool sets include either a reciprocating saw or an oscillating multi-tool, not both, which our recommended homeowner kit includes.

Items included

  • Milwaukee M18 2606-20 drill
  • Milwaukee M18 2656-20 impact driver
  • Milwaukee M18 2630-20 6-1/2” circular saw
  • Milwaukee M18 2621-20 reciprocating saw
  • Milwaukee M18 2680-20 angle grinder
  • Milwaukee M18 2626-20 oscillating multi-tool
  • M18 Red Lithium 3.0Ah battery
  • M18 Red Lithium 1.5Ah battery
  • M12/M18 multi-volt charger
  • Contractor bag

How to pick a power tool combo kit

There are several items to consider when looking for the best power tool set, including your chosen brand, planned usage, and battery technologies.

Brand considerations

Before buying a power tool combo kit, it’s important to understand which of the major brands fits you. If you get it wrong from the onset, you may need to rebuild your tool lineup with a different brand, which is costly.

For the scope of this guide, we’ll narrow down to the top four power tool brands: Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, and Ryobi.

The most common power tool brands compared are Dewalt versus Milwaukee. It’s hard to go wrong with a Dewalt power tool kit or a Milwaukee power tool kit since both manufacture high-quality power tools across a range of performance tiers and price points.

While Milwaukee has a slight performance edge when comparing flagship power tools, the all-in costs are higher once kitting your power tool arsenal out with batteries and chargers.

Ryobi has built a massive following of homeowners who use essential tools to complete the most routine tasks around the home without breaking the bank. While the build quality and performance throughout Ryobi’s power tool lineup can’t compete with Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita, its power tools are considerably cheaper.

Makita is also incredibly popular with homeowners and professionals alike. We’ve tested a deep lineup of their power tools and have consistently been impressed with the durability, build quality, performance, and feature sets. However, Makita combo kits tend to offer less performance for the price when compared to Dewalt and Milwaukee.

Beyond overall brand focuses, it’s important to consider the advanced battery technologies each brand offers, especially for professionals demanding performance. There are many scenarios where the batteries included in most kits won’t cut it, and you may find yourself adding an advanced battery technology to your lineup for more performance.

Dewalt has the deepest lineup of advanced battery technologies with its 60V Flexvolt and Powerstack pouch-cell battery designs. While expensive, Dewalt’s 60V Flexvolt batteries offer versatility to run its 20V Max and 60V Max Flexvolt tools with the same battery. These batteries are must-haves for contractors in the Dewalt ecosystem.

Dewalt Powerstack and Max XR Battery 3
Side-by-side comparison of Dewalt’s standard lithium-ion 20V Max XR and 20V Max Powerstack pouch cell batteries.

Dewalt also offers several advanced pouch-cell battery designs that are valuable for homeowners and professionals. Dewalt’s Powerstack pouch-cell batteries offer weight, performance, and longevity improvements compared to standard lithium-ion designs found in most power tool batteries, including Dewalt’s 20V Max batteries.

Milwaukee doesn’t offer a competing Flexvolt battery technology but goes head to head with Dewalt’s pouch cell batteries with its Red Lithium M18 Forge batteries, promising similar performance improvements.

Neither Makita nor Ryobi offer competing battery technologies.

Planned usage

The types of projects you plan to build and things you plan to maintain play a critical role in determining the best power tool combo kit for your needs.

Homeowners needing a combo kit for routine tasks around the home will be set with any of our recommended 18V power tool kits, even mid-range and budget kits. Each recommended kit comes with tools that are sufficiently powerful to breeze through routine jobs around the house, and many excel at tackling demanding weekend warrior projects.

Homeowners should purchase a kit with at least five included. A drill, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, oscillating multi-tool, angle grinder, and batteries and a charger are common configurations that offer nearly endless versatility on the home front.

Hobbyist woodworkers, professional woodworkers, and carpenters may find more value in a power tool combo kit that includes the tools mentioned above, plus a jigsaw and a random orbital or finish sander.

Contractors and construction workers should exclusively focus on power tool combo kits that include flagship models, such as Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel kits and Dewalts 20V Max XR kits. These power tool platforms offer exceptional performance and are durable enough to withstand taking a beating.

Battery considerations

Manufacturers can reduce the cost of their power tool combo kits by cutting corners with the batteries and chargers included. Some kits that look like excellent deals on the surface aren’t as valuable when digging a level deeper.

The most common tactic is including batteries with low amp-hour capacities. 1.5Ah and 2Ah batteries are perfect for a lightweight drill or impact driver setup but don’t offer enough power and runtime for power tools with bigger motors, such as a circular saw.

We recommend buying a kit with a 2Ah and 5Ah battery (or close equivalent). This way, you can run any tool in a lightweight and compact configuration or a more powerful configuration.

If unavailable, opt for a power tool combo kit with two 5Ah batteries (or close equivalent) so all tools in your kit can reach their performance potential. Then, purchase a 2Ah battery separately to round out your setup if you want a more compact option in select applications.

Are power tool kits worth it?

Cordless power tool sets are a fantastic option for building your power tool arsenal. There is a reason why power tool manufacturers offer power tool combo kits in seemingly endless combinations. They aim to bring as many new people into their tool ecosystems as possible since consumers rarely switch brands once wedded to a specific battery platform.

This outcome is fantastic for power tool buyers. Not only do consumers have access to a wealth of all-in-one solutions, but purchasing a tool combo kit can save significant money over buying each tool, battery, and charger piece by piece. Let’s use a practical example to compare the cost of buying a kit versus individually purchasing each tool offered in the kit.

Our best overall pick, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit (3697-27), costs anywhere from $839 to $1,049 as of publishing on several popular online websites. Purchasing each tool, battery, and charger in that kit individually costs $1,572. That’s $87.4% more expensive than the lowest-priced option we found.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit (3697-27) cost

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-Tool Combo Kit (3697-20)$839 to $1,049

Cost when purchasing all items individually

Milwaukee 2904-20 hammer drill$199
Milwaukee 2953-20 impact driver$149
Milwaukee Red Lithium XC 5.0Ah battery (2) and multi-volt charger$299
Milwaukee 2880-20 grinder$199
Milwaukee 2821-20 reciprocating saw$199
Milwaukee 2730-20 circular saw$199
Milwaukee 2962-20 mid-torque impact$249
Milwaukee 2735-20 LED work light$59
Total cost$1,572

However, a power tool combo kit may not be right for everyone, especially if you’ve already built out most of your power tool set and are seeking a specific model or type of new tool. For example, many power tool combo kits come with 6-1/2” circular saws, but you may want a 7-1/4” circular saw instead.


  • What tools should be included in a power tool set?

    A cordless drill, impact driver, and circular saw are the three most popular tools due to their versatility. Most power tool combo kits include at least these three items in addition to batteries and a charger. An angle grinder, oscillating multi-tool, and reciprocating saw are other versatile power tools included in many combo kits. We recommend only buying kit if it includes at least two batteries.

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