Impact Drivers Driving Clearance Test Results

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ProductInterior Width Clearance (in.)
+/- 1/8-inch error
Top Edge Clearance (in.)
+/- 1/8-inch error
Interior 45-Degree Clearance (in.)
+/- 1/8-inch error
Dewalt DCF801 (12V)7.5001.2506.250Full review
Dewalt DCF845 (20V)7.7501.2506.500Full review
Dewalt DCF850 (20V)7.2501.2505.500Full review
Dewalt DCF887 (20V)8.0001.2506.500Full review
Makita DT04Z (12V)8.0000.8756.000Full review
Makita GDT01Z (40V)7.7501.1255.875Full review
Makita XDT13Z (18V)7.6251.2505.875Full review
Makita XDT14Z (18V)7.3751.0005.875Full review
Makita XDT19Z (18V)7.3751.0005.750Full review
Milwaukee 2462-20 (12V)9.1251.0007.000Full review
Milwaukee 2551-20 (12V)7.7501.1256.250Full review
Milwaukee 2656-20 (18V)8.1251.1256.375Full review
Milwaukee 2760-20 (18V)7.6251.1256.000Full review
Milwaukee 2850-20 (18V)7.7501.1256.125Full review
Milwaukee 2953-20 (18V)7.3751.2505.750Full review
Milwaukee 3453-20 (12V)7.6251.0005.875Full review
Ryobi P235 (18V)9.3751.1257.250Full review
Ryobi P237 (18V)9.6251.1257.250Full review
Ryobi P239 (18V)8.6251.2506.750Full review
Ryobi PBLID02 (18V)8.2501.2506.500Full review
Ryobi PSBID01 (18V)8.0001.1256.500Full review
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