Ryobi 18V One+ P235 Impact Driver Review

Ryobi P235 Angle 5

Quick take

The Ryobi 18V One+ P235 is a cheap impact driver that can be beaten by other models in the Ryobi lineup and with other manufacturers. The standout features are the speed and power for the price, far outpacing similarly-priced and some more expensive models. However, the heavy weight, massive footprint, single drive mode, and short battery run time explain our low editorial rating. We suggest reviewing our best budget impact drivers guide for alternatives for most people.

Brand Ryobi
Platform 18V One+
Motor Brushed
Tested torque in-lbs 683.4
IPM 3,400.0
Drive modes 1
Collet 1/4-inch hex
Same as P235AB, PCL235, PCL235B

Global rankings

21 models tested

Driving speed (sec.)15.08
Torque (in-lbs)683.47
Battery run time (min.)28.017
Bare weight (lbs)2.5620
Impacting noise (dBA)100.39

Editorial opinion

Methodology used: Heavy duty

Editorial rating

3.31 / 5 stars


  • Moderately high torque
  • Good driving speed
  • Low price


  • Brushed motor
  • Single drive mode
  • Weight
  • Massive footprint
  • Short battery run time

Recommended configuration


Includes (2) One+ 18V 1.5Ah battery

Series lineup

Model #PlatformDrive ModesTorqueIPMReview
P23518V One+1683.4 in-lbs3,400.0Full review
P23718V One+3495.6 in-lbs3,200.0Full review
P23918V One+1796.2 in-lbs4,350.0Full review
PBLID0218V One+4609.0 in-lbs4,000.0Full review
PSBID0118V One+1568.8 in-lbs3,800.0Full review

Lab results


Ryobi P235 Torquemeter
Ryobi P235 Torque Charts

Max torque drive mode 1 (in-lbs): 683.4
Max torque drive mode 2 (in-lbs): N/A
Max torque drive mode 3 (in-lbs): N/A
Max torque drive mode 4 (in-lbs): N/A

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Ryobi P235 RPM Charts

Max RPM drive mode 1 (fwd.): 2,948.0
Max RPM drive mode 2 (fwd.): N/A
Max RPM drive mode 3 (fwd.): N/A
Max RPM drive mode 4 (fwd.): N/A
Max RPM drive mode 1 (rev.): 2,843.0
Max RPM drive mode 2 (rev.): N/A
Max RPM drive mode 3 (rev.): N/A
Max RPM drive mode 4 (rev.): N/A

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Driving speed

GRK total driving time forward (sec.): 15.0
GRK average driving time forward (sec.): 3.0
GRK total driving time reverse (sec.): 11.7
GRK average driving time reverse (sec.): 2.3

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Drive modes

Drive modes: 1
Drive mode 1:  High speed 
Drive mode 2:  N/A 
Drive mode 3:  N/A 
Drive mode 4:  N/A 
Variable speed trigger: Yes


Ryobi P235 Collet Closeup

Collet size: 1/4-inch hex
Quick-change collet: Yes
Bit-eject collet: No
Easy-insert collet: No


Motor: Brushed
Impacts per minute: 3,400.0

Battery run time

Power type: Cordless
Battery run time (min.): 28.0
Battery tested: 18V One+ High Performance 2Ah (PBP003)
Voltage: 18

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Charging time

Ryobi 18V Fuel Gauge

Charger tested: Ryobi 18V One+ (PCG002)
Charging time 2Ah battery (min.): 49.0
Charging time 2.5Ah battery (min.): Not tested
Charging time 4Ah battery (min.): 117.0
Charging time 5Ah battery (min.): Not tested
Charging time per Ah (min.): 26.9
Fuel gauge: On battery

The 18V charger included with most Ryobi kits (model PCG002) charges batteries moderately slower than other brands.

Our tests took 49.0 and 117.0 minutes to charge a Ryobi 18V One+ 2Ah and 4Ah battery, respectively. Several other brands we’ve tested take approximately 20 minutes per Ah, whereas the Ryobi charger takes at least 24.5 minutes per Ah.

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Design & ergonomics

Stands upright w/o battery: Yes
Stands upright w/ battery: Yes
Grip material: Rubber overgrip
Magnetic holder: No
Bit holder: No
Belt hook: Yes
Handle angle (deg.): 77.0
Head angle (deg.): 90.0


Ryobi P235 On Scale

Bare weight (lbs): 2.56
Weight w/ 2Ah battery (lbs): 3.52
Weight w/ 2.5Ah battery (lbs):  Not tested
Weight w/ 4Ah battery (lbs): 4.20
Weight w/ 5Ah battery (lbs): Not tested

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Ryobi P235 Footprint1
Ryobi P235 Footprint2

Max height (bare tool, in.): 7.500
Max width (bare tool, in.): 3.000
Collet to back length (in.): 6.750
Base length (bare tool, in.): 5.125
Base width (bare tool, in.): 3.000
Trigger circumference (in.): 6.625
Handle circumference (in.): 5.250

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Driving clearance

Min. interior width clearance (in.): 9.375
Min. top edge clearance (in.): 1.125
Min. interior 45-deg. clearance (in.): 7.250

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P235 Impact Driver Noise Chart

Max noise no load (dBA): 87.2
Max impacting noise (dBA): 100.3


Max head vibration no load (m/s2): 45.1
Max grip vibration no load (m/s2): 4.2

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Ryobi P235 Light
Ryobi P235 Light Closeup

Light: Yes
Light on/off: No
Number of lights: 1
Light time delay (sec.):


Tool warranty (years): 3
Battery warranty (years): 90 day

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