4 Best Wood Glue Dispensers (2022 Guide)

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Whether you’re a weekend woodworker or batching out projects for sale, a wood glue dispenser is an indispensable tool in your quiver. Not only can glue dispensers evenly and efficiently spread glue, but they can also be used for specialty needs to apply glue in any orientation and inside of tight spaces. Check out our detailed buying guide to find the best wood glue dispenser for your project.

DIY Gear Reviews’ four best wood glue dispensers:

1. Fastcap Glu-Bot

Picture of Fast-Cap Glu Bot

The 16 oz. Fastcap Glu-Bot is the go-to wood glue bottle dispenser for woodworkers due to its simple and effective design. It’s the best wood glue dispenser for most projects. In addition to a large, two-chamber reservoir and adjustable plastic tip for precise application, the Fastcap Glu-Bot includes a rubber cover to avoid clogging up. You can also round out your dispenser collection with Fastcap’s lineup of bottles, including the Glu-Bot Highbot (6 oz. capacity) and the Glu-Bot Babebot (4 oz. capacity).

2. Rockler Glue Applicator Set

Picture of Rockler Glue Applicator Set

The Rockler Glue Applicator Set is versatile enough to handle any woodworking glue ups. The kit includes four applicator options that can be attached to the 8 oz. glue dispenser bottle. There’s a standard glue spout, a wide silicone brush, a roller to spread glue across big surfaces, and a specialty tip to inject wood glue deep into traditional mortises, and domino and biscuit slots. The set also has a centering attachment to easily lay out a consistent glue bead for edge gluing and a funnel. The applicators also attach onto Titebond’s 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles.

3. Rockler Wood Glue Roller

Rockler Glue Roller

This 8 oz. bottle with wood glue roller is the perfect setup for batching out projects or big glue ups. A quality wood glue roller simplifies laminations, applying edge banding, and gluing up cutting boards. When finished, all you need to do is drop in the tip plug to avoid clogging the tip. The roller applicator tip also fits standard Titebond 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles. 

4. DCT Wood Glue Spreading Woodworking Kit

Picture of DCT Woodworking Glue Dispenser Kit

The DCT Wood Glue Spreading Woodworking Kit is a solid budget pick that doesn’t skimp on versatility. The kit includes an 8 oz. bottle, precision applicator nozzle that works well for dowels, a 2.5-inch roller, and a biscuit slot tip. Cleanup is also a cinch with the nozzle cap that helps to avoid clogging and applicator tips that can be cleaned with a wet rag.

Do you need a wood glue dispenser?

Many weekend woodworkers would argue that a good wood glue dispenser is worth the cost, especially knowing you can pick one up cheap. People making money from woodworking consider glue dispensers table stakes.

Two-chamber wood glue bottles, like the Fastcap Glu-Bot, can also dispense glue in any orientation. You wouldn’t think you’d need this feature if you’re accustomed to just using glue out of the bottle it came in. But that mindset may quickly change when needing to apply glue without holding the bottle upside down to do so. A two-chamber dispenser helps you apply glue into tight corners and at odd angles.

Lastly, wood glue dispensers make quick work of gluing up lengthy boards, layered woods, cutting boards, and covering big surface areas with a consistent and even bead.

Combine any of these tasks with a wood glue brush and a high-quality wood glue and you’ve got the right setup for the simplest to the most complex glue ups.

How to pick the best wood glue dispenser

The first consideration should be to determine your primary needs for a wood glue dispenser. Run-of-the-mill glue ups can all be handled with the versatility of the Fastcap Glu-Bot options and the right type of wood glue.

Otherwise, it comes down to whether you want to pick a glue dispenser for specialty needs or get a kit to always have the best tool for the job. In these cases, the Rockler Glue Applicator Set and DCT Wood Glue Spreading Woodworking kit may be your best options.

Next, if you’re a Titebond fan, then consider the Rockler options on this list that both have applicators that fit onto standard-sized Titebond glue bottles.

How we picked the winners

We first compiled a list of eight glue dispensers from well-known manufacturers such as Rockler, in addition to generic brands. The top picks were then narrowed down based on user ratings. We then purchased seven products to learn first-hand which options we’d recommend to our community. We selected the final picks based on a build-quality inspection and reviewing prices to find the best bang-for-your-buck dispenser.


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